who says school’s not cool?

i’ve been wanting to write this post for the entire week now, but i just didn’t have time to do so… it’s been a long stressful week.

so last week we had high school camp, and it’s not lame. high school camp is one of the coolest things ever, and it’s so fun. people who say school’s not cool is definitely wrong about it this time.

on the first night we had “service” night and we were brought back to the school. we were confused, were we supposed to scrub hallways and peel dried gum off tables? and our teacher surprised us and it turned out “service” night was just a night at school, having fun.

we had the upper gym, where volleyball and basketball was going on. there was a movie in the theater, just dance 4 and wii in a music room with all the mirrors, they hired people from outside to bring a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine  so we could have some food, that wasn’t it, downstairs in the lower gym we had a bouncy castle and some sumo suits as well… camp has never been this fun.

i pretty much played volleyball the entire time, it’s my favorite sport, i can do it all day and not be tired of it. i really should’ve went down to the bouncy castle tho… i really should’ve. but it’s alright, it was all worth it.

after camp, videos of teacher doing just dance 4 was hilarious, i could see that some teachers were just goofing off in the back, but the ones that are in their own little world and actually concentrating on the movements are the ones that really crack me up.

on the second night we had senior hunt. it’s where all the seniors dress in black and hide in the campsite and we find them, if we do find them they cost “points” for our grade, so if, for example, i caught a senior and brought it back to the meeting place, i get points for my grade.

this year, the teachers added a twist to this game. slendermen were placed in different parts of the camp, they’re not allowed to run and catch you, they’re merely there to just give us a fright.

if you guys don’t know what slendermen is…. it’s a new video game, where in the game you go through this forest and you have to collect these notes scattered around the forest. the object of the game is of course collect all the notes, but if slendermen catches you while you’re trying to get the notes… it’s game over. sounds like a cheesy game? slenderman has no face, it just stands there… and the screen goes static when you see his face… try playing that at night..

anywho, some teachers were placed in locations of the campsite with a mask on their face so they’ll look like slendy. but the let down of this was no one actually tried to catch seniors, but they were trying to run away from slenderman.

i saw slendy twice and i nearly crapped in my pants. the thing about slenderman is… it doesn’t run, and that’s what makes it so scary… you know it’s going to catch you even though it’s slow. thats the beauty of it.


my friend lost a shoe at camp, just her right shoe. so she goes to school now with the left shoe and a right flip flop. some teachers gave her a detention.. but she couldn’t do anything about it because someone took her shoe. this happened the week after camp, and a teacher decided to write a song about it. (watch the video here)


see who says schools not cool. i love my school. the teachers the students the everything, we’re all just one big family and i love it.


~ by quickyun on 10/17/2012.

One Response to “who says school’s not cool?”

  1. haha. Mr. Prasad slender was so funny. Me, ching hin and a few other people went to him and said hi and he told us to go away. :) Grace Chong’s Shoe! :D

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